Superfoods: Yacon Myths Busted

By | February 8, 2017

Weight loss may be one of your New Year’s Resolution. You may need to follow a rigorous diet and workout at least four times a week. But how far can you take it? Sometime you may feel like giving up or cheating on your goal. It’s ok to take some help. A great help can be found in various superfoods like Yacon. This vegetable root is a native of South America. These types of superfoods can be consumed in their raw form by incorporating them various delicious recipes or through weight loss supplements. These supplements are not meal replacement shakes but are efficient in accelerating the process. The beauty of consuming these supplements is that they do not cause any harm to the body, as they are made of natural ingredients.


Smallanthus conchiolins is another name for a tuber vegetable which looks a lot like sweet potato. This root is easily available in South America and is quite similar to sweet potato. It tastes like a pear. You can make delicious recipes using Yacon but a syrup derived from this tuber can be used as a sugar alternative.

Yacon is one of the rare superfoods which provides weight loss benefits. As it is a healthy alternative for sugar it reduces the chances of developing diseases like diabetes. It can be called as “diet potato”. The main component of Yacon is fructooligosaccharide (FOS) which has prebiotic effect. This means that it contains chemicals which have appetite suppressing properties. This will definitely help you reduce food intake. Although our body is capable of digesting and absorbing a lot FOS, it helps keep friendly bacteria healthy.

Yacon is easily produced and costs very less. But the results are of high quality and the raw material is financially feasible.

Yacon roots is not composed of starch but can fill up your stomach without increasing the calorie intake. Due to high fiber content it can also work as laxative. The sweetness of the vegetable extract in supplements like Super Yacon can help you satiate hunger more efficiently.

If you want to lose weight efficiently without causing any harm to your body than try to include supplements which are rich in Yacon Extracts. Super Yacon is one supplement you may try which can be easily available on the website link provided below.

Other Beneficial Ingredients In Super Yacon:


Dicalcium Phosphate

Magnesium Stearate


Benefits Of Super Yacon

  • This one product, with just one ingredient has multiple benefits
  • Lose weight safely and naturally – no artificial ingredients or additives
  • Prebiotic effect promotes healthy bacteria in the gut for improved digestion and metabolism
  • Enjoy sweetness without the calories, and without the sugar ‘highs and lows’
  • Antioxidants and high dietary fibre help by providing essential health benefits
  • Appetite is suppressed so no more food cravings and snacking between meals

A daily dose of Super Yacon is two capsules and it contains 1000 mg of Yacon root extract.

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