Effects OF Obesity On Brain 

By | September 2, 2016

Obesity is not only a concern with bodily issues like diabetes, cancer or cardiovascular diseases but also neurological damage. This means that being obese will cause damage to your neurons and may lead to serious diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s. We live in time and era of increasing obesity among children and adults equally. This needs to be addressed as the consequences are pretty serious.

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How Does It happen?

A study conducted by University of Cambridge obese younger adults have the brain structure of middle-aged adults. Their brains were aging faster than their body, which caused them to forget things easily like most of the middle aged people.

The brain is made of white matter tissue which transmits the signals to the brain, making communication throughout the body possible.When this white matter is lost, neurons are damaged in the process and this is called neurodegeneration. This leads to serious diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s.

White Matter In Brain

Why Is It Important?

It is essentially important to address this issues because more and more people are falling prey to this disease called obesity. They need solutions but most of the time are not aware of the solutions. They are often fat shamed, given wrong advice and are insecure to seek medical attention.

In the study conducted by the University of Cambridge, that was mentioned earlier, it was discovered that the white matter in the obese adults was far less than that in lean adults. The obese subjects had white matter equivalent of the 10 years older person.

Thankfully in this research, it was also found that obesity did not have any effect on intelligence or cognition, just the aging of the brain.


Are These Effects Reversible?

Research on whether these changes are reversible with weight loss is still in its primitive stage. But the recent breakthrough is pointing towards good news that some damage control can be done. Seeking medical help would be the ideal solution for obesity. If you are a child seek help from a responsible adult and if you are an adult talk to a family member or a friend.

What Next?

Start by following some simple well-known steps of weight loss. For example, exercise does has many positive impacts on the brain, including longevity. Eat a balanced diet rather than opting for yo-yo diets. Don’t just straight away shut down eating, this will stress your body and you will end up eating more than you should. Try over the counter weight loss products which will help you keep your stress eating in check and also flush out toxins stored in your body.

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Remember weight loss will not only prevent cardiovascular diseases but also prevent further damage to your brain.

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