Benefits Of Green Tea For Weight Loss

By | April 22, 2016

Drinking green tea for weight loss is not a hype anymore. It’s been proven by scientist that green tea can accelerate your metabolism and provide weight loss benefits. While many beverages have increased calorie intake in your body green tea remains the healthy one. Let’s find out how much healthy is green tea.


How Green Tea Gets Its Colors

All teas come from the plant called camellia Sinensis. Teas gets their color from the level of oxidation it is exposed to. The darker the color, the oxidization is required. Black tea is fully oxidized and oolong tea, a brown tea, is partially oxidized. Green tea is treated with hot steam when it’s picked, a process that deactivates oxidation.

Benefits Of Catechins In Green Tea

The metabolism-boosting chemicals in green tea are called catechins. Processing activities like packing tea into bags, bottling can cause the catechins in the tea to decrease. It is highly suggested that you brew your green tea to avoid loss of health elements in it. a cup of home brewed green tea will contain about 127 milligrams of catechins, more than twice as many as oolong tea.

Tea bags or bottled green tea have significantly lower number of catechins.


Green Tea Provides Weight Loss Benefits

There are several studies that claim catechins increase metabolism of the body thereby helping you lose weight. One such study was conducted by Provident Clinical Research, where participants were given black tea and green tea. The test subjects who drank green tea lost more weight than the black tea drinking subjects.

If you are one of those who doesn’t have the means to brew a cup of green tea and don’t have the patience to wait to see the results, it is suggested you try a supplement like Acai Berry With Green Tea Extracts to help you achieve the results.

Acai Berry With Green Tea Extracts For Weight Loss

This weight loss supplement is combined with another ingredient like Acai Berries which help you lose weight along with proper diet and adequate exercise.

A combination of Acai Berries and Green Tea are known to reduce appetite. This highly beneficial for emotional eaters. Since your fat metabolism is accelerated your body mass reduces quickly. Your immune system on it optimum level and increase in fat metabolism causes your energy stores to overflow. You feel energetic all the time. You can control your sugar levels with the help of these antioxidant-rich supplements.

Acai Berry Green Tea Dietary Supplement

Benefits Of Acai Berry With Green Tea Extracts

  • Help in the breakdown of fat cells along with a healthy diet plan
  • Provides your body with the nutrients it needs
  • May help you generally feel better
  • Necessary antioxidants are provided to your body
  • Energizes your body and elevates moods
  • Quick and positive results within few days

Where To Buy Acai Berry with Green Tea?

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