5 Non-Conventional Weight-Loss Ingredients

By | October 6, 2016

There are many people who suffer from the lethal consequences of being obese. Being heavy makes us feel tired and lethargic, which has a negative effect on our personal, professional and social life. There are many things that you must already be doing, but here some of the non-traditional ingredients which will help you in your weight-management goals.

 Saffron Extracts

Many weight loss experts suggest to include fibers in the diet and cut off the intake of fried food. It is very difficult to follow a strict diet, no matter if you are a busy homemaker or a working person. recently, Saffron has gathered popularity in the weight-loss industry. Saffron extracts are widely included in cooking all around the world. It is a naturally available spice which not only adds spice but also helps our body to lose weight. Dr. Oz himself promotes the benefits of saffron extracts in weight loss. It works in a unique way, by curbing appetite and emotional eating. It helps a person to reduce the intake of calories by bringing down the urge to eat compulsively.  If one includes saffron extracts in their daily routine, they don’t need to be on a forceful strict diet. Saffron extracts are very effective for those who want to put down awkward fat around their body.

To include saffron extracts in your routine, you can consider Saffron Weight Management Dietary Supplements which helps to reduce stress and push down awkward fats.



Forskolin is squeezed out from the roots of coleus plant. Extracts from this plant help to accelerate weight loss in a risk free manner. It helps us achieve desired weight by improving our body’s metabolism capacity. It has many other benefits like it helping in curing heart problems and to some extent, asthma. People who have suffered from breathing problem should definitely consider Forskolin in their diet. It also has anti-carcinogenic properties.

If you are determined to push down fats around your body you can rely on Forskolin 250 capsules. It increases the metabolism rate in the body and breaks down the body fats. Increase muscle mass without gaining fats.

Forskolin 250 20%


Yacon is a plant that grows in South America. Yacon plants roots are very useful as a syrup is extracted from it which is effective to melt away fats from the body. It helps people to consume fewer calories in their diet. Consumption of yacon syrup makes people feel brim-full. The most important ingredient responsible for cutting fats is FOS which is more concentrated in Yacon. This syrup extracted from Yacon plant is used to drive down extra fats.

Yacon syrup is not easily available in the market but a substitute has the same effectiveness. Super Yacon Dietary supplements produce healthy bacteria needed to stimulate metabolism in the body.

Super Yacon

Green Coffee Bean

Coffee bean which is not roasted is known as green coffee beans. There is chlorogenic acid in coffee beans which acts as an effective supplement to lower down the release of glucose in the body. It also improves energy levels of the body. The roasted coffee that we consume daily does not contain chlorogenic acid as it is lost in the process of roasting, powdering, drying and packing. Green coffee beans contain antioxidants and boosts body’s metabolism.

Green Coffee Bean Extract is available in the market in the form of dietary supplement which you can directly consume on daily basis. Acids present in the dietary supplements helps you to reduce weight significantly.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Cleanse Tea

Ojibwa Indians used cleansing tea containing herbs and extracts which help in cleaning body. Cleansing tea is free from synthetic flavours, preservatives, and sweeteners. Cleansing tea has extracts of licorice root, red clover flowers, rhubarb root, dandelion root and slippery elm bark. All these ingredients cleanse the body toxins and help lose weight. It is a natural remedy to detox our body and maintain hormonal balance.

Cleanse Tea is a cleansing leaf tea which contains three herbs. These herbs blend in the body and cleanse gastrointestinal tract and bowel. Cleanse tea is widely used by many as it boosts energy in our body. It removes harmful toxins through sweat.

Cleanse Tea

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