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5 Fat Loss Myths That Will Leave You Stunned

The amount of information regarding weight loss that you can find online is simply staggering. There are websites dedicated to weight loss and there are weight loss tools and products that many are willing to sell you. So, how do you find out the truth from the mountain of the misconceptions, bad advice, and myths? Just keep reading… Read More »

5 Weight Loss Tips For Travellers

Weight loss at home can be quite a challenge for many people. Doing so during your travel may be impossible. But if you are determined to lose weight and enjoy your travels try to follow the tips we have mentioned below. Because why should anything get between your determination to lose weight and enjoy life. Take Advantage Of… Read More »

5 Dieting Trends of 2016

Many diet trends have come and gone but none of them were healthy. Every once a while new rage emerges and people go crazy over them, without even bothering to research first how healthy or harmful this would be for their body. These diet trends even go mainstream with food chains coming up in their menus. Here are… Read More »

5 Ways For Affordable Healthy Meals

Shopping for nutritious and healthy diet can be costly if not managed properly. You’ll end up spending hundreds of dollars more than processed and junk food. If plan ahead and do some smart grocery shopping you’ll not only save loads of money but also be able to lead a healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips for saving money… Read More »

How To Overcome Emotional Eating

When you are at your weakest point emotionally, you crave for sweets or chips. This way the food cravings can lead you to a bad habit of emotional eating. It can be triggered any time; when facing a difficult problem, feeling stressed or even feeling bored. Emotional eating has sabotaged weight goals of many people. There few steps… Read More »

The Fresh Diet Reviews

Weight loss, the bane of women world around. Fortunately, difficult as it may be, there are some simple ways you can help yourself achieve your weight loss goals. A good exercise plan can be an excellent way to lose weight, but to ensure that you are getting the optimum levels of vitamins and other essentials, you need a… Read More »

How To Do Squats?

Working out is essential in keeping the weight in check. Squats are the full body compound exercise that puts some strain on muscles from the upper body and lower body as well. When you do squats with weights, it’s more effective than other popular compound exercises than benchpress. To gain overall strength and muscle effectively squatting thrice a… Read More »

5 Fat Burning Foods To Boost Your Metabolism

When your body converts foods and drinks into energy, this process is called as metabolism. This complex biochemical process combines oxygen with calories to release the energy required by your body to perform daily activities. Here are some foods and drinks which will rev up your metabolism. Green Tea Green tea is full of antioxidants called catechin (ECGC and polyphenol).… Read More »