Top 5 Ways To Manage Weight While At Work

People who sit at a desk for more than eight hours a day then are bound to gain weight. But is there is no escape to earn our own bread and butter? After an individual becomes an adult he has to work to earn his living. And when a person starts working barely he/she is left to relax… Read More »

5 Do’s And Don’ts Of Training Without Injuries

Whether you are training for a marathon or for a lean body, injuries are part of it. We are not talking about the regular muscle soreness or joint aches that are part of any physical training. These injuries can disrupt your schedule. If you are one of those who gets sidelined in the first week of training, then… Read More »

How To Accelerate Weight Loss Naturally

We all work hard for better results. But the way we work help us achieve our stated goals. Hard work, determination, and focus make the difference in a right direction. For weight watchers, fats in the body is a great obstacle. It is rightly said that it is easy to gain kilos then to shed them. Stressing about the… Read More »

5 Foods For Healthy Heart

Heart is a continuous pumping machine in your body that keeps you alive. Many people suffer from some sort of heart disease or blood pressure or cholesterol. The heart is an organ working 24 hours without any rest. Food plays a vital part in preventing and recovering from any disease or health threat. There foods which will protect… Read More »

13 Health Benefits Of Tequila

A party without alcohol is no fun. But alcohol consumption can bring in health issues along with it. Wine may be one of the spirits which have health benefits but there are contradicting reports on the internet. Wine is not favored by everyone, but tequila is a drink that no one can resist. A round of tequila shots… Read More »

Loose Weight Like A Celebrity

Just like your celebrities are human beings too. They tend to find workout sessions boring as you do. How do they manage to maintain their super hot bodies? We all would like to know. Here you’ll find out more about their motivations and what keeps them going? Celebrity trainers use various tricks to get their clients working out… Read More »

3 Yoga Postures For Joints

Yoga is an ancient traditional practice which increases the blood supply in your body. In this day and age of busy schedules, it may be difficult for you to go to a gym and work out. But Yoga provides us with few simple postures which can be done anywhere and anytime. Dedicating even 10 minutes of your busy… Read More »

5 Fat Loss Myths That Will Leave You Stunned

The amount of information regarding weight loss that you can find online is simply staggering. There are websites dedicated to weight loss and there are weight loss tools and products that many are willing to sell you. So, how do you find out the truth from the mountain of the misconceptions, bad advice, and myths? Just keep reading… Read More »